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Priority themes
Less Favoured Regions
Main themes for the activities
Social exclusion (in general) / Youth information
Duration of the project
18 Months
Summary of the project
The project has been thought for/with youth groups and organisations that have particular obstacles in experiencing Europe as such, as well as travel, to know and stay in contact with other young people from abroad.
The project aims to build a process for increasing the participation of young people with fewer opportunities in, and reducing their exclusion from, international individual or group experiences within the framework of the YOUTH Programme.
The project will be animated throu pathway plans, each made of specific steps that young people plan to take in the journey towards their inclusion in society and access to a better life.The innovative approach will consist of guiding, supporting, empowering young people in order to break down a task apparently impossible to achieve in “bite sized” objectives.
Main activities
  • Information
    • web site
    • newsletter
    • guide
    • cd-rom
    • promo materials (leaflets, posters)
    • seminars
  • Cooperation
    • establish a permanent network among the countries involved
    • contact making seminar for promoting projects under Action 1, EVS and other initiative under the YOUTH programme
  • Training
    • local project management training course
    • international training for trainers “Managing international youth activities”
Concrete objectives
  • To inform young people on the opportunities offered by the YOUTH Programme;
  • To provide young people with the chance of knowing and experiencing other cultures;
  • To provide youth leaders and workers with the knowledge and the skills in order to initiate and manage youth projects, such as youth exchanges but also EVS, Youth Initiatives, as well as training projects;
  • To keep individuals and groups interested and motivated in international activities;
  • To create a space where to find an inclusive environment offering information, training, and meetings occasions;
  • To encourage young people to take action in relation to relevant issues of their own world;
  • To identify common elements in relation with the other cultures, youth status and daily lives;
  • To establish strong links among youth groups for regular exchange of experience and know-how;
  • To offer a framework for co-operation and coach the participants in the realisation of concrete partnershipswithin the YOUTH Programme to face common problems - such as the inclusion- exclusion phenomena analyzed from both points of view.

The impact of the project will have:

  • Direct impact on
    • young people (individuals and/or groups),
    • NGO leaders,
    • youth workers,
    • youth trainers
    • those responsible for projects
In short all people connected to carrying out a present or a future youth project and the professionals within this area who will get a clear and concise training at the same time as sharing their own experience in managing international projects.
  • Indirect impact on
    • organisations and youth groups in a geographical range of every one of the participant partners, that will act as a spill over effect of the project,
    • the wider social networks (schools, peers, families …)
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