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Youth Exchange


Dates & Venue

October 19th to 25th 2007


The Youth Exchange we planned will of course deal with the main topic of ISOLA Project. Otherwise it wants to bring together youth groups from the partners countries in order to discuss, challenge and raise participation on Youth Inclusion. Particularly the Exchange, by a variety of activities all practical and non formal, will bring groups to deal with the issue of “INCLUSION OF YOUNG PEOPLE WITH FEWER OPPORTUNITIES”.


  • Giving young people and youth organisations the opportunity to take part in the development of society in general and the European Union in particular;

  • Developing young people’s sense of belonging to the European Union;

  • Fostering the mobility of young people in Europe;

  • Developing intercultural learning within the youth field;

  • Promoting the fundamental values of the Union to young people, in particular respect for human dignity, equality, respect for human rights, tolerance and non-discrimination, including young people with disabilities;

  • Encouraging initiative, enterprise and creativity;

  • Facilitating participation of young people with fewer opportunities in the Programme;

  • Ensuring that the principle of equality for men and women is respected in participation in the Programme and that gender equality is fostered in the Actions;

  • Providing non-formal and informal learning opportunities with a European dimension and opening up innovative opportunities in connection with active citizenship.

Contents of the course

A Youth Exchange allows one or more groups of young people to host or to be hosted by a group from another country in order to participate together in a joint programme of activities. These activities, based on a transnational partnership, involve the active participation of young people and are designed to allow them to discover and become aware of different social and cultural realities, to learn from each other and to reinforce their feeling of being European citizens. Young people can thus explore similarities and differences between their cultures. Moreover, the effect of a Youth Exchange on the local population can give rise to more positive awareness of other cultures and have an impact not only on the young people themselves and their associations’ activities, but also on the local communities.

The focus is on multilateral group mobility activities. Exchanges for young people with fewer opportunities are particularly welcome, in order to encourage their participation in the Programme.



Participants' Profile

Youth Exchanges are aimed for groups of young people aged between 15 and 25. In the framework of the project ISOLA, we do expect to receive 9 national groups (one form each participant country) composed by 3 participants + 1 youth leader. While participants must be between 15 and 25, youth leaders do not have to fulfil any age requirement (a part from being over 18).

Group are expected to be aware of the programme and topic, be prepared to debate the issue especially bringing any material which can facilitate other groups to understand their culture and situation within their daily life.


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Final Evaluation



First activities…  

Challenging prejudice and stereotypes

Vampires’ Night

More snow…

Dracula’s Castle and neighbourhood
Again at work!!!
Multicultural evening
Good Morning!    
Day in Brasov  
National presentations and reflection groups  
Kisses and goodbye
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