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Contact Making Seminar


Dates & Venue

October 24th to 28th 2007


The Contact Making Seminar is an activity which brings together potential partners (either youth associations and public) of projects within the YOUTH programme countries and allows them to better discuss ideas, future plans and co-operation.
The CMS within ISOLA is aimed to enhance the cooperation between organisations from the partners’ countries and in addition wants to stimulate the creation of new project ideas within Action 1 and 2 of the old programme, while promoting the new Youth in Action opportunities.

Finally, the participants will have the possibility to create and / or to develop new or existing ideas, projects or networks which should have a focus on European co-operation and should support the development of youth inclusion in partners’ regions.


  • To bring together people working with young people in order to create new project ideas within the European Voluntary Service, Youth Exchange and Support Measures (of course in the new version of the YiA programme)

  • To get to know organisations from different parts of Europe

  • To build new partnerships between Programme Countries and partners from other countries

  • To create atmosphere of common understanding between people representing different cultures, working styles, etc.

  • To provide knowledge about possibilities of co-operation among youth workers and organization in Europe

  • To promote less advantaged areas among partners from Programme countries

Contents of the course

The CMS wants to bring together youth workers from the private (NGO) and public sector in order to explore the possibility to work in future projects aiming to prevent and reduce youth exclusion. As you probably know, the new Youth in Action programme foresees specific measures addressing to the topic and especially to the private/public partnership. Furthermore, the seminar can be the occasion to exchange good practices on the topic of young people in less advantaged areas and to develop activities in the field of information, co-operation, voluntary work and training.



Participants' Profile

The seminar addresses to youth workers, people working with young people, representative of youth associations, public entities, etc. The CMS is open to those who have already matured some experiences in the field of the Youth Programme and/or to those who, while not having such an experience, are willing and strongly motivated to start a co-operation in the field.

There are not age limit, although participants should be over 18. Being 9 the partners’ countries, we expect to receive two representatives from each country. It is up to you to decide whether they will be of the same organization or more.


Final Programme
Application Form
General Info

Final Evaluation


Official Presentation
and welcome from Cagliari Mayor

Introduction of the Seminar  
Intercultural Dinner
Organizational market – preparing the stands  
Organizational market – presentations
Work with the expert from CARITAS  
Work in small groups…  
Visits @ Sant’Elia Youth Centre
(high risk suburb of Cagliari)
Visits @ Sant’Elia Oratory
(high risk suburb of Cagliari)
City Tour… offered by Cagliari City Council
Final Evaluation  
Diplomas… and goodbye!  
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